Asphalt Paving Overlay for La Habra Small Business

October 25th, 2013

Paving Contractors Service La Habra  Small Business



Castor Engineering Inc

450 Commercial Way,

La Habra, CA 90631


Job Description:

Asphalt Overlay of Entire Parking Lot + Small Area of Remove & Replace

About this Paving Project in La Habra Ca.

This month Empire Parking Lot Services was asked to do an asphalt overlay on a small office park located in the city of La Habra Ca. La Habra is a very small city in the northwestern corner of Orange County, California, and is home to about 62,000 people. Many businesses are located in La Habra as well, including our customer at Castor Engineering Inc. They specialize in the manufacturing of valves and solenoids for cryogenic applications in the aerospace, industrial, and commercial industries. Man that sounds complex! Their parking lot was pretty hammered when they called us and it needed more than just patching to get it back into shape. Read on to learn more about this asphalt overlay project.

Paving Company La Habra Ca.


About this Asphalt Overlay

Like we had mentioned above, this parking lot was in pretty bad shape. Our customer had a firm budget and we needed to design the repairs to get the most bang for their buck. The first thing we did was to deal with the largest area of damaged asphalt in the middle of their parking lot. We started by removing approximately 640 square feet of failed asphalt paving that was too deteriorated to be saved. Once removed, we hauled the old asphalt away to be recycled. Next we did some asphalt grinding to the tune of 70 square feet. We opted to grind the asphalt using our CAT Skid Steer with our PC306B cold planer attachment.  We use this equipment because it is specifically designed for small paving jobs that need to be restored economically. With the failed asphalt removed, and the rough areas smoothed via grinding, we started the process of paving back the failed area first. On all new paving areas we always install it using multiple lifts of asphalt. Once the new pave area was completely installed all that was left to do was to install the 1″ asphalt overlay over the entire parking lot. The lot was only 4200 square feet, and the new layer of asphalt was installed in a single lift.  We opted to machine apply the asphalt even though it was on the smaller side. The reason for this is it leaves a better and smoother finish than a tractor / loader can. With the new asphalt laid down, Our crew  compacted the asphalt using plate compactors and a roller. The whole asphalt paving  project took around 7 hours to complete and came out great! The next day our striping division came in and repainted all of the existing lines back to their original layout.


La Habra Paving Project September 2013 (12)  La Habra Paving Project September 2013 (4)  La Habra Paving Project September 2013 (6)

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire-PLS is a Orange County based asphalt and concrete paving contractor. We specialize in paving projects just like the one we did here in La Habra. Are services include asphalt repair, concrete repair, sealcoating, and parking lot striping. Are service areas include Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, as well as parts of Ventura and San Diego California. Call Empire-PLS today if you have a asphalt overlay, need some potholes repaired, or just need your parking lot re striped. We would love the opportunity to work for you today. Please contact us by clicking on any link on this page, or by calling us toll free at 877-760-2757.

Empire Paves Service Road for Stadium Area Event

September 4th, 2013

Empire Parking Lot Services Paves in the Shadow of the Big A

Last week at The Big A (Anaheim Stadium), we were hired to pave an asphalt utility road for an upcoming running event that was being held there.

We were contacted by Bernardo Concrete Services out of Stanton, California and asked to design and pave a small finger road connecting the Orange County riverbed to the Angels stadium parking lot. Bernardo Concrete does a lot of concrete repairs for Anaheim Stadium however, they hire us when its asphalt work that needs to be done. This paving project was a fairly straight forward in that it was a design and build road that was almost the exact width of our paving machine. Meaning that when we showed up to pave the road we literally dropped the paving machine on to the work site and pulled the material from redwood header to red wood header. Take a look at the great photos below to see the project and our awesome crews that knocked it out of the park! Pun definitely intended




About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to asphalt contractors, there is no better choice than Empire Parking Lot Services. The reason for this is simple. At Empire we are never satisfied with just doing a good paving job for you. It is our goal on being the best paving company in California. This means project safety, efficiently, accuracy, as well as getting it done on time and within your budget. Our staff and crews are the key to our high customer retention, and the reviews people leave for us online are consistently positive. Do your homework before choosing a paving contractor. Be sure that they are well rated, have little to no lawsuits against them, and have a great reputation with their suppliers. If you run Empire Parking Lot Services through that test we guarantee that is what you will find.


Anaheim Apartment Complex Gets New Asphatl Speed Bumps Installed

August 10th, 2012

Empire Parking Lot Services Installs New Asphalt Speed Bumps

This week Empire Parking Lot Services was contacted by a Anaheim apartment complex to install new asphalt speed bumps. Our customer was looking for a way to slow traffic in their alley in order to keep tenants and children safer in the complex. Our estimator provided them with a proposal and some suggestions and we got the project.

Asphalt repair orange county

About This Paving Project

When we first met with our customer they were looking for advice on how to slow down cars in the alley of their complex. Our estimator informed them of several options including rumble strips, message stenciling ( i.e. slow/ mph ), and speed bumps. Once the customer decided on the speed bump option, they only needed to think about one other decision. Permanent or temporary speed bumps, at Empire we offer two main types of speed bumps, the first being the rubber variety, and the second being the asphalt variety. They both have clear advantages but our customer ended up choosing the asphalt speed bumps. The asphalt speed bumps were installed and painted, and as an added benefit we applied glass beads to the paint for night time reflection.

asphalt repair orange county

About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to quality asphalt paving, no one can beat Empire Parking Lot Services. Whether its asphalt driveways and roads, or speed bumps and curbs, Empire brings the best combination of value, service, and quality. As a paving contractor we may not be the biggest company in town. but we are the best. Call us today and put us to the test. 877-760-2757


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Downtown Anaheim Church Gets New Concrete, Seal, & Markings

August 25th, 2011

Anaheim Church Gets Parking Lot Makeover

This week at Empire Parking Lot Services, we got to do some work on one of the oldest churches in the city of Anaheim. The church needed some concrete replaced, the asphalt paved, and then a seal & stripe over all of the asphalt area. This project took two and half days to get done and went without a hitch. The concrete and asphalt repair work included several moves as well one additional move for sealing and striping the parking lot. Read more about the project below.

Project Breakdown

The first thing we had to do on this project was to demo out the concrete that was bad. We brought in the bobcats and dump truck and removed all of the concrete that was to be replaced. This area included about 1200 sf of concrete that was replaced at 4″ thick. Once the concrete was completed we waited a week and then started the second phase of the project. This phase included getting the asphalt paved as well as the seal coating and striping, plus some new wheel stops needed to be replaced. we spent the second day onsite patching the asphalt which was in pretty decent shape as well as installing the new wheel stops. Once they were done it was time for the seal coating. We seal coated the entire parking lot in one move and painted the lines, handicaps and stenciling the very next day. When all the dust cleared our customer had a beautiful parking lot with tons of appeal that will last a very long time.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire-PLS is still a relatively new company but we are not short on experience. Our crews, salesmen, as well as office staff have decades of time put into our trade. This is why we are able to coordinate and do these projects with little to no problems. When it comes to asphalt paving and concrete repair there is little that Empire-PLS cannot handle. Please give us a call if you have a project that we can help you with. Our customer satisfaction rate is very high because we install service and quality at every step.

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Asphalt Pavement Maintenance for Costa Mesa’s Celgen

May 9th, 2011

Asphalt Concrete and Striping for Celgene of Costa Mesa

In this blog we are showcasing some asphalt pavement maintenance performed in Costa Mesa, California. The customer was a local company called Celgene, and they required us to come out and perform several types of asphalt pavement maintenance.  The first service they required was some pavement demolition of both concrete sidewalk as well as the removal of some asphalt. Once these where out of the way, our customer had some plumbing work done to a pipe in the parking lot, then they gave the project area back to us. The next step of this asphalt pavement maintenance project was to form and pour back about (36) square feet of 3inch concrete sidewalks. These sidewalks where located in the handicap parking area of the parking lot so it was important for us to return it to them up to ADA code. With the sidewalks and concrete curbs repaired we were able to move onto the next step of this asphalt pavement maintenance project. The next step in this project consisted of the installation of approximately (215) square feet of new asphalt. The asphalt was installed at three inches as well and was then rolled with our 3 ton roller for maximum compaction. The last part of this asphalt pavement maintenance project consisted of the re-painting of (6) handicap parking spaces and installing new concrete wheel stops. The customer was very pleased with the outcome and so where we!

About Empire Parking Lot Services

We at Empire Parking Lot Services take great pride in offering our customers top service and quality for a competitive price. When it comes to asphalt pavement maintenance no one can compete with Empire Parking Lot Services. Our service area includes the county of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino as well as parts of San Diego and Ventura California. At Empire Parking Lot Services we stand behind our work. It’s just one more reason our customers come back to us again and again. Call us today and give us a chance to take care of your asphalt pavement maintenance needs.

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Concrete Construction Project in the City of Los Angeles

May 4th, 2011

Basket Ball Court Striping on Slick Concrete

Empire Parking Lot Services offers many types of repair and construction when it comes to concrete in Southern California. This project is a great example some of the more unique services we offer. This project was about concrete surface preparation (Shot blasting), concrete cleaning, and concrete painting, basket ball court painting to be exact. To get the job done several other things needed to be done first in order to paint the court. First we had to knock down the slickness of the concrete surface we where painting on. Apparently the kids at the school where slipping on the concrete when it got wet, and they needed the surface to be a bit rougher. Second we had to clean the area to prepare it for fresh paint. Lastly we needed to paint the new basketball game court for the kids to play on. Here is how the job went.

About this Concrete Construction Project

This project required some careful planning. The job site was a private school in Los Angeles, California. Our customer needed to their basket ball court to be less slippery when wet so we had to shot blast the entire surface of the court to open the concrete up to a rougher finish. Shot blasting is a common service we offer both for interior concrete projects as well as exterior concrete projects. But the tricky part for this project was the location. You see, the school’s basketball court was on the second floor roof of the building. This meant we needed special equipment to get our shotblasting rig up there. We ended up using a forklift to lift the equipment up and having to cut an opening in the rod iron fence to unload the equipment. Once that challenge was out of the way the rest of the project was smooth sailing.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Although Empire Parking Lot Services is primarily a paving company of both asphalt and concrete paving surfaces, we also offer many maintenance related services. Shot blasting and striping are just a few of the services we offer to our Southern California customers. When you hire us have peace of mind that no short cuts are taken when it comes to your project. We only use the best materials and products and our employees are highly trained. Call us today for all of your paving and concrete construction needs. We would love to work with you today!

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San Diego Asphalt Contractors

Orange County Asphalt and Concrete Repiar

January 5th, 2011

Asphalt Contractors Perform ADA Upgrades in Santa Ana

This week Orange County paving company; Empire Parking Lot Services was contacted to do some asphalt and concrete repairs relating to an ADA lawsuit. As mentioned our customer had been named in the compliance lawsuit, and needed to make the repairs in order to satisfy the ADA compliance codes for Orange County California. This project was basically removing some concrete sidewalks and ramps that were not compliant, and installing some new ones in that met local ADA compliance. Once the asphalt and concrete grades were shot and a scope of work was determined, we gave our customer the proposal. They accepted the proposal, and we scheduled the project to be completed on a weekend for the convenience of our customer’s tenants.  This project was located in Santa Ana and required some careful planning as well as our customer needed us to pull all of the permits as well as  setting up the inspection after the project was completed.

About this ADA Compliance Project

This job started as every project Empire Parking Lot Services performs. We barricade of the work area keeping the general public at a safe distance. As always safety is our chief concern on these projects. Once barricaded, the next thing to be done was the removal of the asphalt and concrete that was not up to code. We use saw cutting to cleanly remove only the areas of concrete and asphalt that were affected by the ADA code. One of Empire Parking Lot Services main goals is to get a customer’s parking lot up to ADA compliance while doing as little work as possible. With the asphalt and concrete demolition work done it was time to load the old asphalt and concrete into the trucks and haul it away to the plant for recycling. It’s important to keep in mind the fact that both asphalt and concrete are highly reusable and are some of the oldest and greenest building mediums on the planet. Long before recycling was necessary or trendy these materials have been getting recycled and reused. Once the asphalt and concrete removal was done, we started to form and pour the new concrete handicap ramps and concrete sidewalks. The concrete sidewalks are the first things we frame, followed closely by the concrete handicap ramps. Once the new ramps and sidewalks where formed and poured, it was time to move onto the asphalt needed to be patched back to the edge of the newly installed concrete. Empire Parking Lot Services is a licensed and insured Orange County paving contractor that can handle all phases of parking lot construction. Learn more about our companies abilities and work area below.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is one of California’s number one choices when it comes to asphalt repair and concrete repair in Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange County. We also travel to San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and the Inland Empire. Whether you have an Orange County paving project, some basic asphalt repair in Los Angeles, concrete repairs in Riverside, or just need some parking lot signs and striping installed, Empire Parking Lot Services can handle it all. Call us toll-free or look us up online to learn more about these services.

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Happy Holidays From The Empire Parking Lot Services Team

December 23rd, 2010

Happy Holidays From Empire Parking Lot Services

We would like to thank you for reading our blogs in 2010 and look forward to creating more asphalt contractors blogs in 2011!

Happy Holidays!

Los Angeles Shopping Center Gets ADA Upgrades

December 13th, 2010

New Ramps, New Handicap Striping, & New Signs for LA Shopping Center

As a Los Angeles asphalt contractor located in Southern California, this project was right up our alley. The project basically consisted of doing some ADA upgrades to a small parking lot in LA. Our customer needed some ada updates done to his parking lot.

First off he needed proper asphalt ramps installed in his parking lot. Furthermore, he needed some parking lot striping brought up to legal parking lot codes for Los Angeles. Lastly, we installed some handicap signs and wheel stops, and painted the curbs blue bringing all of them to code as well. Have a look at the photos below to see how the project came out.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services offers a complete list of paving, asphalt, concrete, and parking lot maintenance services to the greater Los Angeles area. We are a highly competitive and fully licensed & insured contractor that offers a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction.

Call us for a free proposal today. We would love the chance to earn your business. Remember, when it comes to Los Angeles asphalt contractor Empire Parking Lot Services is your best choice.

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Asphalt Contractors Make Repairs to ADA ramps in Costa Mesa Ca.

November 5th, 2010

Asphalt Contractors Fix ADA issue in Costa Mesa Ca.

In October Empire Parking Lot Services was hired to be the asphalt contractors for a small business parking lot in Orange County, California. The area of Orange County is called Costa Mesa and it is in South Orange County, with neighboring cities like Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, and Newport Beach. We were contacted by our customer after the city called them out on some ADA codes that were not up to current standards. The main problem with their parking lot was that their handicapped ramps weren’t compliant. In addition to the handicapped ramps however the handicap striping was also in need of updates. We submitted our price and the customer agreed to it, So it was time to get the job scheduled.

About Handicap Ramp Construction

When it comes to this type of ADA ramp repairs, Empire Parking Lot Services has plenty of experience.  With request coming in from all over Southern California, Empire has become the leading asphalt paving contractor to deal with these ADA compliance projects.  Typically we find, there are two reasons that our customers would need these ramp repairs done.  The first reason is, when a tenant or property owner decides to make some changes to their parking lot, such as a tenant improvement project, or a exterior repair project. These types of projects require a permit by the city, and often require ADA upgrades to be done at that time as well. What typically happens is, when they go to pull the permit the city requires them to update their ADA codes on their parking lot. The second reason is becoming increasingly more common as well. Lawsuits triggered by attorneys representing their disabled clients.  Now often times these are legitimate cases, but recently a few drive by attorneys have started flooding the courts with bogus lawsuits that require their victims to pay up or else make these repairs! The good news is it’s not as expensive as it used to be due to asphalt contractors learning to do these repairs faster and more economically. Often times Empire Parking Lot Services can fix these problem for less than what the attorneys are asking for.

How This ADA Ramp Repair Project Went

When we arrived at the job site, the first thing we do is to block the work area off so that no one unknowingly wanders into the construction area while work is being done. Once the area is safe we start making marks and shooting the elevations needed to insure that the proper grades of asphalt are installed on the handicapped ramp. Next, we started working with the asphalt to build up the handicap ramp and shape it to the proper height. We use tools such as smart levels and and transits to constantly check the grade as we pave the new ramp. We do this to insure the grade that is required stays intact. After the asphalt is distributed properly we rolled it using a 5 ton vibratory roller. Once the asphalt cooled the lines are painted and proper ADA markings are installed. Next handicap signs are installed this signage includes the handicap signs in the parking stall as well as the handicap signed required at the driveway entrance. Once all the signs where installed we cleaned up our mess and turned it back over to the customer. They were very pleased, the work passed inspection and the small office is now open for business. The customer informed us that we were the best asphalt contractors they had ever used.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to what Empire-PLS  does best, asphalt paving has to be it.  As fully licensed & insured asphalt contractors we can work on any type of asphalt paving project that you need done.  In addition to the asphalt paving services we offer, there is a lot more we can help you with. Services such as concrete repair, line striping, and warehouse maintenance are just a few more of them.  For a more complete look at what we do, click on any of the links in this blog to go to our official website and have a look.  With all of Southern California covered Empire Parking Lot Services can be your “Go To” company for all parking lot and warehouse maintenance services.

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